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Ahoy there Matey! My name is Captain Keenan and I started this blog during my first year teaching in Maryland. I am now in my eighth year teaching and I’m loving it! My fun filled classroom is a pirate ship on the sailing seas. I have worked very hard to get my ship organized and full of life. I didn’t want to hide all of my treasure and hard work from you so I share them when I can. For pirates, Fair Winds means “Good Luck” so I wish you all the luck in teaching your little Buccaneers. If you need a treasure map or have any questions please feel free to email me at Captain@FairWindsTeaching.com     In the News copy

Selected as a Vanguard Teacher for Frederick County Public School


2017 Financial Education and Capability Awards

The Financial Education and Capability Awards Program highlights the dedication and success of public school teachers and community champions who deliver financial education. Financial education focuses on a range of financial management concepts and behaviors including budgeting, careers and income, credit, savings, financial decision-making, and understanding values and habits about money.

Elementary School Teacher Award: Casey Keenan, Innovator using new technologies in education, Frederick County School System

Speaking at my local Frederick County CommUNITY forum about education and closing the achievement gap to prepare our students for college and career. (I start at 15:52)

  Teachers Leaving Frederick Co. Schools for Better Pay Hundreds of teachers have left Frederick County Public Schools in recent years for better paychecks at other schools in the region. Scott MacFarlane reports. (2015)



Charles E. Tressler Distinguished Teacher Award Nomination (2015)

Nominee for the 2015 CET award

Back to School=Big Spending for Teachers – 2013

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Classroom/Student Center Ribbon-cutting (2010)

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FCC Student Center is “So Right” (2010)

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FCC’s new student center already feels like home (2010)

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A Good Option for students – A piece on attending local community colleges (2008)

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Detour proves to be student’s best path – (2008)

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FCC Success Story (2008)

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Students Receives award (2008)

FCC grad

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Dr. Lightfoot’s memory lives on through MHEC student awards (2008)

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