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Fraction Peacocks! 

Check out this super cute way to have your students show off the things they learned about fractions! Everything from equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, placing fractions on number lines, and showing sets and a whole fraction!  They also do a great job jazzing up your hallway display. My students decided to make turkeys too! Some…

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Turkey Math- Area, Perimeter, and Array

It’s Turkey time!! Have your students come up with different ways to show area and perimeter! I have them use turkey feathers to show multiplication, perimeter, and array. Its fun and easy! Enjoy your Thanksgiving! We also cut out little turkey feet to hang in the hall to have the parents to follow to find…

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Bees make apples??

A great fun interactive lesson for you to do with your students is to talk about pollination! Not every bees that go to a flower is pollinating. Show the kids how hard it is to pollinate a flower.  The bees passing through a flower might happen to pollinate that flower. Materials: Popsicle sticks, small sticky…

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