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Barter & Trade

Barter & Trade Lesson Plan By: Casey Keenan Subject: Social Studies- Economics/Financial Literacy Grade: K-3rd Grade Objectives: SS.300.40.02 Economic Systems and the Role of Government in the Economy a.1 Identify markets that are not face-to-face meetings, such as Internet shopping, phone ordering, or catalog shopping. a.2 Describe how countries around the world trade in the…

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Jelly Bean Graph

Today we graphed jelly beans by their color. You can even do them by their flavor! Here is what we used! I placed about 30 jelly beans (jolly rancher) in a snack bag for each student. I used Jolly Rancher jelly beans because their colors are orange, purple, green, red, blue, and pink. We also…

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Apples, Apples, Apples

September is known for it’s apples! Help the kids understand that apples don’t just come from the grocery store. Math is a good time to do this activity. It involves voting and simply graphing. :-) I bought a jar of apple butter, a jug of apple cider, some red, yellow and green apples, and some…

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