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Number Talks Posters

Make sure that every once in a while you write your number talks strategy on a piece of chart paper. Then you will be able to show the strategy you are working on with your students. It’s a good visual. For more information on what Number Talks are… visit my post here.

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Ghost Number Headband! 1-15

I printed off ghosts with numbers on them 1 to 15. The numbers were mixed up, it was the students job to color, cut and glue the numbers back in order. I gave them a simple and easy sentence strip. The number fit on one side from 1-10 and then 11-15 on the back. If…

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Indian Corn Math

Buy a couple small bags of Indian Corn or candy corn. Pass out a small handful (about 12-16 pieces) to each child on the paper provided! Have them draw an equal set of corn on the paper and fill in the numeral in the box. To challenge them, see if they can sound out the…

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