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Classroom Job Necklaces

Building student agency in your classroom is extremely important to build independent learners and give back some of the responsibility to the class. Using classroom jobs is one way to allow for you to work independently with a small groups while the class still functions and completes their work. I created these job necklaces to…

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TenMarks Tracking Sheet

Are you using a Blended Learning model in your classroom? Have you ever tried TenMarks as a personalized math tool? If so, check out this TenMarks Tracking chart resource I created to help guide my students independent work time. I needed a way to help my students make goals and track their progress during their…

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Math Fact Fluency Activities

My students are just starting the journey with multiplication fact fluency. I believe that they need to have a strong base with addition before they can move onto successfully being able to multiply. I wanted a way to showcase their accomplishment when passing levels of math fact fluency. I use a lot of different reasons…

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