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Number Talk Videos

Do you use the Number Talks strategies in your math class? Use my videos to help you learn all of the multiplication strategies before teaching them with your students. The strategy videos include: Repeated Addition and Skip Counting, Partial Product, Making Landmarks and Friendly Numbers, Doubling and Halving, and Breaking Factors into Smaller Factors.  

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Creating our own Cereal Boxes

As a part of the Economics Unit, you can have the students design and create their own cereal boxes. The cereal industry is known to advertise towards a specific target audience. What things would you do to make a cereal sellable? If you were in a focus group, what would you suggest to  the companies in…

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NEA RA 2015

This past week I have been elected to serve as a Maryland State Delegate at the National Education Association (NEA) Representative Assembly (RA). While in Orlando, FL, we have business to conduct at the RA, we come together to vote on actions and new bylaws. To learn more about NEA please visit their website here.

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