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Math Fact Fluency Activities

My students are just starting the journey with multiplication fact fluency. I believe that they need to have a strong base with addition before they can move onto successfully being able to multiply. I wanted a way to showcase their accomplishment when passing levels of math fact fluency. I use a lot of different reasons…

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Math Magician website and chart!

Have you ever used the FREE website Math Magician?? In third grade, the students have to master multiplication and division by the end of the school year. This website helps them practice their facts quickly by timing them. They must answer 20 question correctly in under a minute.   I then created a chart for…

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Easter Math

Here are a few ideas for Spring and Easter that will help you to make your teaching more exciting! Take an Easter basket with a little grass and filled them with fake eggs. Each egg has a different unfinished addition, subtraction, multiplication or division sentence. Below is the attached word doc that it was made on….

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