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Individual assignments on Google Classroom!!!

Google classroom now allows you to assign work or announcements to individual students! If you are using Google Classroom currently, this is very exciting news and hopefully it will make your job a little bit easier! This is perfect for individual learning, enrichment, reteaching, small group assignments, and differentiating. I found out they made the update…

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Managing Your Google Classroom!

I used this attached checklist to help gauge where PD participates were at in their knowledge of Google Classroom. Tools that can be used with you Google Classroom Create a Quiz using Google Forms: Google Forms is a powerful tool. With a few mouse clicks, teachers can easily create a quiz for students. Google Forms allows…

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Google Classroom vs. Edmodo

Google Classroom or Edmodo… which one do you prefer? I have been switching back and forth between Edmodo and Google Classroom for this past year. There are reasons why I like both and then reasons why I don’t like each. I started using Edmodo first, I liked the idea of have a social network for…

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