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Pamphlet Template Mania

It’s finally here!!! Check out this template to create a pamphlet in your own classroom. I created one for my Blended learning rotation model to show my parents about the things that I’m doing in my classroom. This easy 8 page template can be edited and changed for anything you need in the classroom. Need…

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Volunteers are so REFRESHING!

Want a quick and easy way to thank your school’s volunteers? We are hosting a volunteer luncheon and wanted to provide a quick gift for them as they leave. I bought a case of mini waters and some individual Crystal Light packets.  You can pick up crystal light packets at any grocery store. I bought…

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Twitter Tweet Student Template

Our class uses this template to come up with a tweet before we edit and post it. There is a student each day that is allowed to “tweet”. My class loves Twitter to connect with our local communities; check out our Twitter page to follow along with our class. Head over to my TPT page…

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