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Jelly Bean Graph

Today we graphed jelly beans by their color. You can even do them by their flavor! Here is what we used! I placed about 30 jelly beans (jolly rancher) in a snack bag for each student. I used Jolly Rancher jelly beans because their colors are orange, purple, green, red, blue, and pink. We also…

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Fun Easter/Spring pencil toppers !

Easy! Easy! Easy! All you need is form stickers and pipe cleaners. Have the student pick a sticker and add it to the top of their favorite color pipe cleaner. Then show them how to rap the pipe cleaner around their entire pencil so just the top sticks out! Have Fun, Captain Keyser  

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Easter Math

Here are a few ideas for Spring and Easter that will help you to make your teaching more exciting! Take an Easter basket with a little grass and filled them with fake eggs. Each egg has a different unfinished addition, subtraction, multiplication or division sentence. Below is the attached word doc that it was made on….

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