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Leprechaun Writing

  I had a parent pre-cut out the body parts for the students to put together once their writing was complete. What is needed: 1- green hat 1-yellow square with a small square cut out 1- small black strip for the hat 1- tan face half circle 1- orange beard cut-out 2- small tan hands…

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A shoe and a note !

I also found little leather shoes that I decorated to look like a Leprechauns shoe. I then wrote a letter that says, “Hi Boys and Girls, I had a wonderful wee time dancing and playing in your classroom last night! But I misplaced my shoes! If you find them could you leave them for me?…

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Ah the Luck of the Irish !

Want to add a little excitement to your classroom for your students? Here is a simple way to do that! All you need is green paint, glitter and your hand. You can make easy mini leprechaun footprints. Make a fist with you hand and dip the side of your hand (pinky side). When you press…

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