Ah the Luck of the Irish !

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Want to add a little excitement to your classroom for your students? Here is a simple way to do that! All you need is green paint, glitter and your hand. You can make easy mini leprechaun footprints. Make a fist with you hand and dip the side of your hand (pinky side). When you press this on the table, it looks think the ball of someones foot. Only do the right foot prints and then use the other hand to do the left foot prints. Remember to leave a little bit of space so it looks like he is walking. Now wash your hands and use your finger to add 5 toes to each footprint. Then add a little glitter! =) Here is what they look like when it’s all done!


*tip: add a little bit of soup to your paint before you begin and it will be easier to clean up!

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