Bees make apples??

Bees make apples??

A great fun interactive lesson for you to do with your students is to talk about pollination! Not every bees that go to a flower is pollinating. Show the kids how hard it is to pollinate a flower.  The bees passing through a flower might happen to pollinate that flower.

Materials: Popsicle sticks, small sticky scrapbook bees, fake flower with petal and pollen, and blind fold.

Show the students that the bees don’t know that they are helping the flower by pollinating when they are flying around. There would be no apples or any type of fruit without the help of our bees! The bee has to get it right… perfect! The students take turns wearing a blindfold and seeing how hard it is to pollinate the flower. If the student makes it in the flower, they made an apple! You can even have them say what fruit they want to make!

This was a fun activity that my students loved!

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