How to Blow a Bubble Gum Bubble !

What have your students write steps on how to chew a bubble gum bubble! This was one of the most fun lessons that I have done this year!

I first read the book, POP! The Invention of Bubble Gum. It is a child friendly book that goes over some history and fun facts about bubble gum. You will even learn a thing or two from it yourself.

Then I used YouTube to show the students a video on how bubble gum is made. It takes you through the tour of the factory. I imported this video into a Flipchart so that there are no ads or other suggested videos at the end.

*See post on embedding YouTube videos!

Then I gave each child there own piece of Double Bubble bubble gum. I went over some ground rules about walking around and being super silly because of chocking hazards. They sat in a circle and chewed their bubble gum. Together on the board we wrote words like first, second, next, then, last and finally. We then wrote the steps we think you would need to follow to be able to blow a bubble ie. take off the wrapper. Simple but important!

Have the children write their own steps. I attached the work document that I used.

Have each child stand behind a plain white background and puff out their checks to make it look like they were blowing. Print out those pictures (big). Then have each student blow up a balloon to stick to each of their mouths. It is adorable, it looks like the child is blow a bubble! Make sure the balloon is pink!

Then have them glue that and your writing together on a bigger piece of paper. Hang in the hallway to show off!




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  1. Debora

    Hello, I like your bubblegum activity…do you have a copy of the template? and an example? thank you:)

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