Making the Most of Parent Teacher Conferences: Essential Resources from Fair Winds Teaching!

Making the Most of Parent Teacher Conferences: Essential Resources from Fair Winds Teaching!

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Parent Teacher conferences are a crucial opportunity to connect with parents and guardians, share valuable insights about their child’s progress, and collaborate on strategies to support their education journey. At Fair Winds Teaching, we understand the importance of these conferences and have curated a selection of resources that can help streamline your conference preparation and make these meetings more productive and engaging.

  1. Glow and Grow – Conference Form

    Parent-teacher conferences can sometimes feel overwhelming, but with our Glow and Grow Conference Form, you’ll have a handy tool to guide your conversations with parents. These forms are available in English and Spanish, and you can even type directly into them before printing. Plus, they come in both full sheet and half sheet formats, with or without lines. Check out our blog post to see how these forms can elevate your conferences!

  2. Kid Conference – Conferences with your Students

    Building strong relationships with your students is essential for their success. Our Kid Conference resources include questions, forms, and sign-up sheets for 5-minute student interviews. Whether you’re in the classroom or engaging in distance learning, these resources empower you to check in with your students, set goals, and foster a sense of belonging. Learn more about how to implement these conferences in our blog post.

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  3. Student-Led Conference Forms

    Take your parent-teacher conferences to the next level with our Student-Led Conference Forms. These comprehensive forms empower students to actively participate in the conference process, encouraging self-reflection and goal-setting. The Teacher Bragging Sheet streamlines your preparation by highlighting student achievements and growth. With versatile options and Spanish versions available, these forms cater to diverse classroom needs. Plus, you can find them in our Parent-Teacher Conference Bundle, saving you 30%!

  4. Virtual Parent/Teacher Conference Slides

    In today’s digital world, virtual conferences are becoming more common. Be prepared with our Virtual Parent/Teacher Conference Slides, available in both Spanish and English. These customizable slides cover essential topics, ensuring a smooth and informative virtual meeting with parents. If you need a custom slide, just message us, and we’ll add it for you!

  5. FREEBIE – Proud Parent/Grandparent/Family of… Back to School & Conference Stickers

    Create a welcoming atmosphere during parent-teacher conferences with our Proud Parent Stickers. Parents, grandparents, and families can proudly wear these stickers, displaying their connection to your classroom. It’s a simple yet effective way to make families feel valued and engaged during this important time. Read our blog post to see how other educators have used these stickers.

  6. Record of Book Reading Progress Form (Progress Monitoring)

    Tracking student progress is crucial, especially during conferences and IEP meetings. Our Record of Book Reading Progress Form visually shows growth and data on a student’s reading levels throughout the school year. It’s a powerful tool for evidence-based discussions. For more tracking options, consider our Reading Group Growing Bundle.

  7. Mermaid Class Wishlist and Thank you Notes

    Engage parents during back-to-school nights or conferences with our Mermaid Class Wishlist and Thank you Notes. Create a display with cute shells featuring school supplies and ask for donations. Once you receive donations, use our thank you notes as a gesture of appreciation. Learn more about this creative approach in our blog post.

Love all the resources above? Check out the Parent Teacher Conference Bundle, where you can get everything above for 30% off!

Parent Teacher Conference Bundle
At Fair Winds Teaching, we believe that effective parent-teacher conferences are built on communication, collaboration, and preparation. Our resources are designed to help you streamline the process and make the most of this valuable time. Explore these tools today and ensure that your parent-teacher conferences are a success!

Shop Now for these helpful resources, and make this conference season your best one yet. Together, we can create meaningful connections and support student success. And find out how you can get access to EVERY FWT Resource for a one-time low cost by clicking here!

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