Parent/Teacher Conferences are coming!

Parent/Teacher Conferences are coming!

I have put together some quick tips on Parent Teacher conferences.

First, my school uses an awesome website called Sign Up Genius! You are able to build a custom sign up page, invite your group, sign people up online and then THEY send the reminders! It’s easy and simple and solves your parent/teacher conference sign up problems.

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About SignUpGenius from Dan Rutledge on Vimeo.

My school has created one big sign up sheet for parent/teacher conferences, that way you can sign up for all of your children at the same time. You can also schedule your conferences back to back with your children’s teachers. This also takes a lot of work off the teachers back. Sending back and forth notes from home to try to fit everyone in is very difficult. It also helps with trying to fit in a lunch/dinner or planning time for yourself. I know I always forgot to do that during conferences.

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Try it out at your school and let me know how it works!!

You also need to have something quick and easy for the parents to receive during conference time. I use my Glow and Grow template to help me lay out what I want to talk about with my parents.

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While the parents wait, I also have a table outside set up so that they have chairs to sit on and wait (if they are early), some small snacks or candy, mini water bottles, some decorations (fall or spring themed), and I’m the proud parent of ___________… stickers. You can get that template here!

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