Audio Book Labels

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Organization is one of the most important things that one needs to have in place in their classroom. If you start right away it will be an easy process. For a listening center, you can buy the 4 books+4 CD’s sets from Scholastic each month so that I have a new story on CD every couple of weeks. The sets usually has a topic for each holiday or current event. They are about $20 a set, however, it is worth it because after one year you will have enough books for the years to follow. Yard sales are also a great option, they are most weekends, Spring, Fall and Summer. You can truly find some treasures yard sailing.

Place the book(s) in a large zip-lock bag along with the CD. Then I find or take a picture of the book and type the title in the word template. After I print out the labels attached, I place one on the front of each zip-lock bag.

This makes the audio book collection easy to organize! Check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store for the FREE downloadable template. A shipping label (10 per sheet) works best for this printable.


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