After-school Activites

After-school Activites

This evening I had the opportunity to go to a T-ball game of two of my students. It was their first game and they were very excited about it during the school day. I really wanted to be a part of their experience. Being a first year teacher I haven’t had a chance to do anything like this before. IMG_7828

It was so amazing! I suggest for you to try it. Think about how many times a student comes to school and they have worked so hard on a painting or drawing for you? Think about all the time and energy that student spent working on it? I want to show them that same caring side of me; however, students in Kindergarten do not understand the abstract concept of you staying after hours to laminate or decorate their new bulletin board. Although changing anything is never un-noticed. I can’t change anything in my room without sounding the alarm. If you took that extra time to go to a hour or half an hour T-ball they will sure take notice on how much you care about them after school hours.

I loved to see my students on the field waving their hands at me with the biggest smile on their faces. It was the greatest feeling of my entire year teaching. I suggest trying to go to one or two events a year; whether it be a band concert, art gallery show, sporting event, karate, or dance class.

IMG_7831This will especially show a student that you don’t share a bond with while in the classroom that you can have one outside. Who knows, maybe you will reach that child and he/she will want to do better school to show you they care. You never really know your students until you meet them outside of school.

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