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Indian Corn Math

Buy a couple small bags of Indian Corn or candy corn. Pass out a small handful (about 12-16 pieces) to each child on the paper provided! Have them draw an equal set of corn on the paper and fill in the numeral in the box. To challenge them, see if they can sound out the…

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Zoo Field Trip labels

To prepare for your upcoming field trip to the Zoo, print these labels to help make the day go smoother. We want to make sure all of my parents have a fun and safe time. I have created some name tags for the students, chaperones, and a label for the snack I am providing for them….

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Easter Math

Here are a few ideas for Spring and Easter that will help you to make your teaching more exciting! Take an Easter basket with a little grass and filled them with fake eggs. Each egg has a different unfinished addition, subtraction, multiplication or division sentence. Below is the attached word doc that it was made on….

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