Classroom Job Name badges

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Buy these awesome pirate themed name tags (fits in an Avery template label holder- 2945) to have the students wear their job for the day or week. These print and fit into a plastic badge holder perfectly. Visit my TPT site to download them today! You can also just cut them out and laminate them to have on the board. If you think of any other jobs you would like after buying, please email me, and I will send them to you for FREE. Thank you!

Jobs listed:

All Hands on Desk (Attendance)
Captain’s Assistant
Library Pirate
Board Buccaneer
Calendar Commander
Chair Lad
Ahoy There (Passes out papers)
Crew Leader
Pencil Sharpener
Swab the Deck (Help clean up)
Door Matey
Fish Master (I can change that to pet master if you like)


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