30 Essential Teacher Tools for the K-5 Classroom!

30 Essential Teacher Tools for the K-5 Classroom!

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Are you a Kindergarten through 5th-grade teacher looking for innovative ways to enhance your classroom experience? Look no further! At Fair Winds Teaching, we’ve compiled a list of 30 essential teacher tools that will transform your teaching and classroom management. From organization hacks to interactive resources, we’ve got you covered.

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Let’s dive right in!

Teacher Tools Part 1: Tech Code Rings

Avoid classroom code forgetfulness by printing all your class codes on a convenient ring placed near your Chromebook cart. This empowers students to access codes independently, fostering self-reliance without disrupting your lessons.

Check out the Fair Winds Teaching Tech Codes Resource!

Teacher Tools Part 2: Marker Cap Saver

Say goodbye to dried-up markers without their caps. Secure marker caps with packing tape, encouraging students to maintain marker care and enabling smooth color sharing during assignments.

Teacher Tools Part 3: Must-Have Websites

Discover some of my favorite essential teacher tool websites, including:

1. PDFCandy.com – Best FREE PDF Converter

2. Classful.com – Fundraise, Shop, and Sell your educational resources

3. Slidesgo.com – Amazing Google Slide and PPT Templates

4. Remove.bg – Remove the background to any photo in a flash!

Teacher Tools Part 4: DIY Letter Tile Boards

Craft your own letter tile boards using simple materials from Dollar Tree, such as clipboards or magnetic baking sheets, buy some magnetic sticky paper, download these tiles and boom! Cost-effective letter tile board that provide lasting utility.

Teacher Tools Part 5: Lamination Hacks

Optimize laminator use with six handy tips, including:

1. Use a glue stick to ensure small piece don’t fall out when laminating!

2. Switch your laminator to 5 millimeter and laminate two sheets at one time. 

3. Connect multiple sheets of lamination or make a big poster using your glue stick.

4. Run your lamination through a second time to iron out those crinkles.

5. Use your scrap pieces of lamination and have your students create reading group magnifying glasses. 

6. Glue together unused laminating sheets, with the glossy side out, to use scrap pieces!

Teacher Tools Part 6: Class Checklists

Ever lose track of who brought in their Halloween party money or your daily breakfast count?

Efficiently track various classroom tasks with customizable class checklists, perfect for subjects, daily counts, and reusable laminated versions for daily use.

Teacher Tools Part 7: DIY Listening Center

Wish you had a listening center?? Well now you can! Create a personalized listening center for free by following our guide.

Create your own Listening Center Here!

Teacher Tools Part 8: Classroom Organization

Explore three of my favorite organization hacks for your students and classroom: 

*Zipper Mesh Bags – These color-coded mesh bags with zippers are big enough to fit lamination pieces, smaller items that you can use for game centers, they can even fit a book, and more!

*Clear Pocket Envelopes – I love these Velcro pouches that fit in three ring binders. Great for organizing all of your loose pieces in your notebook! 

*Mini Snack Containers – These little snack containers that snap from the Dollar Tree are amazing to organize all the small pieces from my reading group!

Check out each organizational hack HERE!

Teacher Tools Part 9: Journal Covers and Tabs

Are your students always losing their place in their journals? Look no further! I’ve been using these covers and journal tabs for years!

Help students keep their place in journals with customizable covers and tabs. These personalized tools enhance organization and engagement.

Teacher Tools Part 10: Print on Sticky Notes

Harness the power of sticky notes by printing text or images on them. Check out my free template below to print in three different sizes for your classroom!

Teacher Tools Part 11: Matte Spray for Lamination

Want to know how to get the glare off of your lamination? Eliminate lamination glare from classroom posters with matte enamel spray! The perfect solution for enhancing visibility without compromising aesthetics!

Teacher Tools Part 12: Wireless Glue Gun

Hate how you can’t go far with your hot glue done? Upgrade to a wireless glue gun for increased classroom mobility and flexibility! Easily tackle projects across the room without restrictions.

My favorite is the Wireless Glue Gun from Surebonder! Check it out below!

Teacher Tools Part 13: Guided Reading Bundle

Struggling with being well planned and ready for guided reading groups? Look no further, this resource bundle is for you!

Simplify your guided reading groups with this exclusive bundle featuring a guided reading weekly plan, informal running records, student tools, progress monitoring sheets, and more!

Teacher Tools Part 14: Classroom Attention Getters

One of my top classroom FWT Freebies…the Classroom Attention Getters!

Grab your free list below!

Teacher Tools Part 15: Smelly Classroom Management

Want an easy way to promote great hallway behavior? Lip Smacker chapsticks are great to add a little swirl on each student’s hands. They love to smell them and it’s a an easy and effective tool for getting your students to follow the classroom rules!

Teacher Tools Part 16: Pencil Cleanup Solution

Prevent broken pencils from cluttering your classroom floor. Use two containers and labels to distinguish between pencils that need sharpening and those available for use. Then assign a student to sharpen the pencils!

Teacher Tools Part 17: Funky Friday Playlists

What better way to end the school week than with a Friday morning dance party! Every Friday morning is “Funky Friday” in Mrs. Jeffers classroom!

You can infuse excitement into your Friday mornings with my student safe playlists on the @FairWindsTeaching page on Spotify. Check out the playlists below!

Teacher Tools Part 18: Magic Eraser for Everything

Magic Eraser for EVERYTHING! Utilize magic erasers for cleaning various surfaces in your classroom, from walls and containers to bookshelves and desks. I like the extra durable ones in the link below!

Bonus tip – Cut them in half or quarters and they last longer!

Teacher Tools Part 19: No Name Papers Solution

End the hassle of no-name papers by assigning students a unique number and providing hole-punched folders for organization. I’ve used mine for years with no prep from year to year. It also makes grading incredibly easy! 

Grab a free hanging file folder number below!

Freebie Alert – Check out the Fair Winds Teaching File Folder Numbers!

Teacher Tools Part 20: Contact Paper Transformation

Revamp classroom areas using contact paper! A great solution that isn’t permanent and adds flair to your learning environment! Follow @FairWindsTeaching for the follow up video when I show how easy it is to do this year after year without ruining your areas!

Check out some of my Favorite Contact Papers!

Teacher Tools Part 21: String-Powered Markers

Stop spending money on new markers! Extend the life of dried-up markers by attaching a piece of string and spinning them to rejuvenate the ink.

Teacher Tools Part 22: Chromebook Organization

Game. Changer. Tired of your Chromebooks and wires being a hot mess? Grab some washi tape and label each of them with a number. I even label my chargers so they know which slot to go in and what charger to use. A great solution for classroom organization!

Teacher Tools Part 23: Student-Led Cleaning

Want a way to foster classroom responsibility and have your students take ownership to clean up? Then you will want to by one of these for your classroom and set up a cleaning station!

Super easy to put together and the kids love it! Check it out at the link below!

Keep your classroom clean with this carpet sweeper!

Teacher Tools Part 24: Headphone Organization

Organize classroom headphones with washi tape, clear packing tape, and a shoe organizer, ensuring they remain tangle-free and accessible!

Teacher Tools Part 25: Sticker Organization

How do you keep all of your Carson Dellosa stickers organized? I keep all my stickers organized with this simple and effective classroom hack! Simply add a hole punch and attach them to a binder ring, keeping them neat and ready for use!

Teacher Tools Part 26: Work Violations and Speeding Tickets

Want your students to slow down and take their time on their assignments?! These work violations and speeding tickets are perfect for stapling on uncompleted or absent work. These quick reminders allow you to communicate with parents or provide new due dates for assignments or just remind the students to fix and return.

Teacher Tools Part 27: Room Decor Organization

When it is time to pack up your classroom, you are going to want this great organization tool! Maintain classroom decor organization using 4-inch binders and Velcro plastic sleeves with three-hole punches. This system saves time and storage space.

Teacher Tools Part 28: Wireless Door Bells

Grab your students’ attention with this wireless doorbell that I’ve been using for years! Featuring over 64 different chimes, these doorbells are great for facilitate transitions between centers and classroom announcements. Grab yours below the video!

Check out Wireless Doorbells!

Teacher Tools Part 29: Mini Classroom Books

Check out my blog post on why I love Mini Classroom Books!

Create mini books for various classroom purposes, from sketchbooks to interactive resources. Customize them to suit your needs.

Teacher Tools Part 30: Calming Videos at Dismissal

Keep students calm during dismissal with soothing videos, including Beta Fish, Sand ASMR, Lava Lamps, and Warm and Cozy Fireplaces.

Check out my favorite websites to go in my blog post!

More on FWT! Check out my post on the Fair Winds Teaching Lifetime Membership!

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30 Essential Teacher Tools

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