FlipGrid Fever

FlipGrid Fever

Starting with FlipGrid

I had first heard about the program FlipGrid from a few different colleagues in my county and then saw teachers posting about it on Twitter during EdcampMD. Then while planning an EdCamp for my local teachers union and I had asked FlipGrid for a couple licenses for giveaways (having no idea what the program was). Little did I know, I would later fall in love with the tool myself. I didn’t formerly try it until I had a professional development at my school with my amazing reading specialist. I had actually thought it was a completely different type of program. I think I had confused it with the program WeVideo.

How to use this Amazing Tool

During the PD, we used a blended learning station rotation model to practice phonics skills. FlipGrid was one of the rotations for us to record a short video on the phonics rule we were sorting and an example of a word that follows the rule. I really enjoyed being “the student” during this PD because it allowed me to try out the instructional tool as the student before I used it with my students. After this PD, I was hooked! I started to use it in my classroom the following day. I think FlipGrid is the perfect addition to help blend and personalize any lesson.


Use it Right Away!

The next day, I had the students solve a two-step word problems, then they used FlipGrid to record a short video explaining how they got their answer and justify why they were correct. I had them use their math journals to jot down notes before they recorded. The students were definitely motivated to complete the task, even my most reluctant students were excited to use the tool.


After reflecting on the assignment, I wanted the activity to be more structured and organized for the students. I wanted to have a FlipGrid template along with a rubric to give the students more guidance in what I expected from their video. I began creating a resource to have the students map out their thoughts on a script before they recorded their next FlipGrid video. I was going to have them complete a group FlipGrid the week after in Science on Climates around the world. The students used my template and the entire process went smoothly. Their videos were well planned out, the students were more independent, and they knew my expectations the entire time. Since I am expecting my students to use this instructional tool while they are in blended learning groups, I needed them to have more student agency.


I highly recommend using the tool FlipGrid. It has allowed students to open up and record their thoughts with others in their class. The students are encouraged to watch and learn from their classmates by viewing the other videos. The students really take ownership of their videos when they know they are “teaching” about their topic.

Get Organized

To grab my template for FlipGrid, head over to my TeacherPayTeachers store; it is a growing bundle and I will add to it as I complete more and more with my students. I am working on making them more personalized for individual groups and students. Enjoy!


Let me know how you use FlipGrid in your classroom, message me at Captain@FairWindsTeaching.com or tag me in your IG post at @fairwindsteaching

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