Go Noodle – Brain Breaks for your Students

Go Noodle – Brain Breaks for your Students

I truly believe that if your students aren’t engaged in learning that they will not be available to learn. Even the quietest students in your class need to get up and move around, they just might not show it as much. As educators, we sometimes forgot we have been trained to sit for a longer period of time. Go Noodle is an quick and easy tool to start using in your classroom or at home with your own children.

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GoNoodle engages students in active videos to allow them to wake up their brains and ready themselves for learning more! My students have been using GoNoodle all year long and they love hearing my phone’s timer go off to let them know it’s brain break time. I have used my phone to create alarms to remind me when to give the students and myself a break. You have the ability to select a longer video or a short and simple break.

The categories includes Epic Song videos to wake up the brain (Awesome Sauce), Interactive games that allow you to get moving (Game On), Sing alongs and chants (MooseTube), Silly songs (Koo Koo Kanga Roo!), Zumba Kids, Fitness Training (Fresh Start), Strengthen you Body and Mind (Empowering Tools), Challenging your Brain (Brainercise with Mr. Cat Man), Think and Reflect (Think About It), Stretching (Maximo), Indoor Recess games, Track and Field (Run With Us), Kidz BOP, and YouTube (you are allowed to choose which videos are allowed).

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To get started with a FREE account, check out my YouTube video on how to get your classroom or student account started.

GoNoodle is engaging and exciting for the students; you also know that the videos are appropriate and ready to be viewed. I have been conducting some research on the GoNoodle Plus account and can’t wait to see if it will be beneficial for my students. I am asking my school for the funds to purchase the plus account and if I am able to get it, I will be sure to post again on what I find. I hope to be able to use it with my students to allow them to integrate learning with their brain breaks. Fingers crossed, I will let you know soon.

Thank you GoNoodle for this awesome sauce new website for my students and I to enjoy!

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