Golden Specials Awards

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Want to do something specials for the top classes in your school? Our school does specials awards; each specials class (gym, music, art and library) awards some sort of point system to each class. Then they have a K-1, 2-3, 4-5 category. Then at the end of each marking period the points get totaled up and there is a winner! The class that wins gets to keep the trophy for the entire semester. Then it goes back to the specials teachers to be handed out again.


For the music award you can glue a golden wooden music note on top of a black stand. For gym, find a lightly used or new kids cleat and spray paint it gold. The art award is a spray painted cardboard cut out of a paint brush handle, then glue on a rainbow of color feathers and add some glue foil to add some shine. You can even add some ribbon with bells on the bottom. In library (not pictured) use an old book (hardcover) and wrap it in gold foil or wrapping paper, put a little sign on it that says “Golden Book”.


This will defiantly get the excitement of the entire school and promote positive reinforcement and behavior.

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