Want a classroom management system that is FREE and helps your communication with your parents and other teachers in the building?

Want to encourage students, engage parents easily, and save time?

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Try ClassDojo!

ClassDojo helps classrooms to improve by giving students positive feedback for any skill in any subject you choose. You are able to customize the things you give points for. Teachers are able to keep the parents or caregivers in the loop with email access and instant messaging, they are able to review the feedback given by the teacher at home. It is an app that is able to work on any iOS/Android device or web browser with Internet access. Teachers have the ability to share their classroom with other educators or administrators. ClassDojo is FREE for everyone, teachers, parents and students.

Click on the following links for some resources to help you get started. 

How to sign up and create a class Screencast

Presentation on how to get started with ClassDojo

6 quick tips on ClassDojo

One page Take-Away for Teachers

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