Goods & Services

Goods & Services

Goods & Services Lesson Plan

Subject: Social Studies- Economics/Financial Literacy

Grade: K-3rd Grade


SS.300.40.02 Economic Systems and the Role of Government in the Economy

  • a.1 Identify markets that are not face-to-face meetings, such as Internet shopping, phone ordering, or catalog shopping.
  • a.2 Describe how countries around the world trade in the global market.

Instructional Procedures:

Good and Services:

  1. The students will start by taking about ‘goods and services’. Have the students think-pair-share about what services they go to. Write them on the board. (ie. Haircut, baseball lessons, oil changed, dog walking, and shoveling snow).
  2. Create a list on the whiteboard of all the services the students share.
  3. Then ask each student to go back to his or her seats with one sticky note. Each student will write down the service that they think they could offer.
  4. Have each student quickly say their service and stick it on the board.
  5. Then have them sit back on the carpet to read the book, What are Goods and Services or another good about Goods and Services.
  6. During the book, ask a few questions about some of the student’s favorite goods like food, clothes, and toys.
  7. Hand out the baggies of photos (12 cards total, 6- pictures of goods & 6- pictures of services)
  8. Pair up the students; together they will sit on the floor and sort the cards between goods and services.
  9. Have the students check their work and correct any that were wrong.
  10. Finish the day’s lesson with a song about Goods and Services. Have the students glue the song in their journals.

Goods and Services

Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb

Goods are things we touch and feel, 
Touch and feel,
 Touch and feel.

Goods are things we touch and feel.

An apple is a good.

Note: Students will choose other items to substitute for “apple” in the last line of the song.

Services are things we do for others,
 Do for others,
 Do for others.

Services are things we do for others.

Teaching is a service.

Note: Students will choose other items to substitute for “Teaching” in the last line of the song.


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