Barter & Trade

Barter & Trade

Barter & Trade Lesson Plan

Subject: Social Studies- Economics/Financial Literacy

Grade: K-3rd Grade


SS.300.40.02 Economic Systems and the Role of Government in the Economy

  • a.1 Identify markets that are not face-to-face meetings, such as Internet shopping, phone ordering, or catalog shopping.
  • a.2 Describe how countries around the world trade in the global market.

Instructional Procedures:

Barter and Trade:

    1. Briefly review Goods & Services lesson.
    2. Let the students know that today we are going to talk about the history of money, barter and trade.  or 
    3. Have the students sit on the carpet and watch this video. Pause at the following times to ask question and allow time for discussion.

    1. :28 seconds pause the video – (What was the last thing you bought? How did you pay for it)
    2. :59 seconds pause the video – (What is barter/trade?)
    3. 1:22 – (What are some of the forms of money we use today?)
    4. 1:29 – (How does money not have value?)
    5. 1:49 – (What is a trade? What sort of things could you trade?)
    6. 2:22 – (Do you think the clerk will take their new money?)
    7. 2:45 – (What is currency?)
    8. 2:57 – (Why do you think he let them have the bear?)
    9. 3:24 – (What is another word for skill?) (answer – services)
    10. 4:43 – (What were two ways we still trade today?)
    11. End of the video – (Why wouldn’t Mrs. Coin take the bed sheet set?)
    12. (Why do you think they traded instead of using money?)
  1. Wrap up the lesson by having the students write a paragraph about what they learned for today’s lesson.

Assignment (Independent Practice)/Homework:

Make a list of things that you could barter or trade for something else. Create another list on things that you would want to trade for. Write a couple sentences about the video you watched today and what some of the terms meant.

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