Instant Ink is a LIFE Saver!

How many of you have spend $100’s maybe $1000’s of dollars on ink! I know I go to the store and spend at least $65 on ink each month. Some slow months I can make it last a month and a half. =-(

The days of spending $780+ a year are OVER!

I can tell you how to get FREE ink for 9 months (maybe more)!! That’s upwards to a $600+ savings!

I recently was in need of a new printing, throughout my search I couldn’t find the perfect one for a teacher…. until now! The HP Office Jet Pro 9015 with Instant Ink is PERFECT! And the HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 Inkjet Printer with Instant Ink Bundle is amazing too! It does it all; I can use the hp prepay enrollment program to receive instant ink, print in color whenever you like, and NEVER run out of ink again! There is no commitment or annual fees. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time. It can print front and back, labels, pictures right from your phone, fax, email, and much much more. Click the picture below to buy the printer, I promise you, it is worth it!

No more running to the store for ink! With this Instant Ink plan, your printer orders ink when needed, so you get ink delivered to your door before you run out. Shipping and cartridge recycling are included.

Here is the step by step on how I earned 9 MONTHS of FREE 500 page printing.

Step one: Purchase the linked printer above with the 1 month (300 pages – $9.99) printer plan ink bundle (this will help later). You can also order any HP Instant Ink compatible printer.

  • Step two:  Wait for your printer in the mail; if you have Prime, you won’t wait long. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE PROGRAM until you get the printer hooked up.
  • Step Three: Connect and follow the printers directions for installation of the printer.
  • Step Four: Get online and sign up for Instant Ink online (select their THREE month trial instead of using the 1 month enrollment card that came with your printer).
  • Before you check out with your selected enrollment program, you have some sweet CODES to put in….

Input in the code jctNs for 1 month free, then 3freeink for an additional 3 months. Then type in the enrollment code on the back of your card (sent with the printer) to add an additional 2 months. You now have FREE ink for the next 9 months.


3 month trial (when you join)

1 month refer code (jctNs)

3 months free code- limited time (3freeink)

You can try all of these codes below: “HPINSTAINK4U”, “FREEINK”,  or “SAVE50PERCENT” or “SCHOOL2” “FREEMONTHS2” “HPCRAZYK2″

1 month card (bought with printer) Peel off and type in enrollment card number

1 bonus month with the above card

IN TOTAL 9 months FREE!!!

Now you are ready to PRINT 300 pages per month for $9.99 a month. You can also roll over up to 300 pages each month. 

BUT Wait… there’s more!

After you sign up, you can online chat with a representative or use your online account to upgrade your account to the $49.99 a month 1500 page plan with up to 2500 roll over pages for FREE! The entire 9 months you are free will now be 1500 pages instead of 300! Jackpot! At the end of your trial, you can downgrade to whatever plan best meets yours needs. As a classroom teacher, I will be using every page! The cheapest plan is .99 a month!!

If you are sad and wanted even MORE free ink, you can start to share your referral code to friend and family to earn additional free months of ink!

You can now print in color whenever you want. The printer knows when you are getting low on ink and will send new cartridges to your doorstep without the click of a button. You even get a free bag to mail your old ones back! You can always still donate them to your school to make money or give them back to Staples for a rebate on other purchases. 

Your first ink shipment will arrive shortly after you sign up with the prepaid enrollment card, not to mention the ink that already comes in the printer box. 



  1. Catia

    Thank you so much ! I am a little confused about the last steps though. You can upgrade to $15.99 a month but still cancel before the trial expires? Can you please clarify? And thanks again!

    • ckeyser22

      Great question! YES, you can upgrade while you have the trial to get the most value out of your time free. And then downgrade to the plan you want. Enjoy your FREE ink!

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