V.I.P. Boxes

V.I.P. Boxes

Need a FUN way to celebrate your students after a job well done?

Try making V.I.P. boxes for the students to use. I got a couple small bins and filled them with ‘fun’ school supplies that the students don’t normally have like smelly markers, small colored staplers, stickers, colored post-it notes, crazy pens, highlighters, and much more. The Dollar Tree (store) has a lot of new fun items all the time. 

Then you can print out these quick and easy Very Important People (V.I.P.) signs to place on the students desk and to attach to the supply boxes.


The students also each get access to a cushion to use for their chair (for the day). I found some cute teal and black ones at Target for $5 each. Check out “summer’s  over” bins for sales in the outdoor and garden section for outdoor cushions.

Another great find on Amazon!

These Inflatable Flamingo and Palm Tree Drink Holders are adorable! They are a perfect addition to your V.I.P. package! You can allow the students to place their drinks on their desks or add a fun cup in them to keep their supplies neat!

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