National Pi Day 3.14

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Today is National Pi day! March 14 marks the first three numbers of Pi, 3.14. Last year was an epic Pi day because of being 3.14.15. 

Here are a few quick resources to use with your elementary school aged children! 

1. Check out this video on the Sounds of Pi

The Sounds of Pi

2. Hold a contest for the memorization of the most digits from Pi. Offer a free pizza pi(e) to the winner, or maybe a slice from the cafeteria. They also sell little bit size pi(es) at the bakery. 

Take a picture of the winner and keep records from year to year, as a Pi Day Hall of Fame. 

3. Make a display for around the school. Have everyone in your class write about 5 numbers of Pi on notecards (one notecard for each number) then have them tape them down the hallway (in order of course) to show the numbers of Pi. This will be fun to show the whole school! Even better, cut out circles instead of square notecards.

4. Share a circle treat. Have each student bring in their own snack, it must be in the shape of a circle. Tell them to get creative! 

5. Check out this awesome writing lesson from Scholastic! Thanks for some great ideas!

 Scholastic Writing with Pi

They use a Pi-Ku to help explain Pi! 

6. Most of all, enjoy a nice big slice of pi(e) tomorrow! 

Happy Pi Day from Fair Winds Teaching! 

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