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Classroom Job Necklaces

Building student agency in your classroom is extremely important to build independent learners and give back some of the responsibility to the class. Using classroom jobs is one way to allow for you to work independently with a small groups while the class still functions and completes their work. I created these job necklaces to…

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Job Applications for Student Classroom jobs

In the beginning of the school year I set up my classroom to reflect the Maryland Financial literacy standards. I feel that more than ever, students need to be financial literate when they leave the school system and enter the work force. Listed below are the standards; they are for grades 3-12. Standard 1: Make…

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Classroom Job Name badges

Buy these awesome pirate themed name tags (fits in an Avery template label holder- 2945) to have the students wear their job for the day or week. These print and fit into a plastic badge holder perfectly. Visit my TPT site to download them today! You can also just cut them out and laminate them to…

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