Job Applications for Student Classroom jobs

Job Applications for Student Classroom jobs

In the beginning of the school year I set up my classroom to reflect the Maryland Financial literacy standards. I feel that more than ever, students need to be financial literate when they leave the school system and enter the work force. Listed below are the standards; they are for grades 3-12.

Standard 1:
Make informed, financially responsible decisions
Students will apply financial literacy reasoning in order to make informed, financially responsible decisions.

Standard 2:
Relate careers, education, and income
Students will relate choices regarding their education and career paths to earning potential.

Standard 3:
Plan and manage money
Students will develop skills to plan and manage money effectively by identifying financial goals and developing spending plans.

Standard 4:
Manage credit and debt
Students will develop skills to make informed decisions about incurring debt and maintaining credit worthiness.

Standard 5:
Create and build wealth
Students will develop skills to plan and achieve long-term goals related to saving and investing in order to build financial security and wealth.

Standard 6:
Manage risks and preserve wealth
Students will develop financial planning skills to minimize financial setbacks.

One thing I like to do with my students is have them apply for my classroom jobs to show accountability. Standard 2 focuses on students making decisions on career paths to earning potential money for spending.


I created a sign (glued to an envelope) that hangs on my door so that students can turn in job applications throughout the year. In the beginning of the year all the students are required to apply for jobs and then they are allowed to apply to change jobs when they need to.

To download the FREE sign, you can visit my TPT site here.

In the application the students are asked why they want their specific job, what their talents and strengths are, their past job experiences, and what other jobs there are interesting in.


To download my application on my TPT site, click here.

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