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V.I.P. Boxes

Need a FUN way to celebrate your students after a job well done? Try making V.I.P. boxes for the students to use. I got a couple small bins and filled them with ‘fun’ school supplies that the students don’t normally have like smelly markers, small colored staplers, stickers, colored post-it notes, crazy pens, highlighters, and…

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Potato Head Class Reward Program

Need a way to celebrate your students good behavior while they are at their specials (P.E., Art, Media, Library, Computer Lab and Music) each day. My school has a point system in place 1-10 for good behavior; I use this, however if you just ask the specials teacher for a behavior report after each special,…

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Want a classroom management system that is FREE and helps your communication with your parents and other teachers in the building? Want to encourage students, engage parents easily, and save time? Try ClassDojo! ClassDojo helps classrooms to improve by giving students positive feedback for any skill in any subject you choose. You are able to…

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