Potato Head Class Reward Program

Potato Head Class Reward Program

Need a way to celebrate your students good behavior while they are at their specials (P.E., Art, Media, Library, Computer Lab and Music) each day. My school has a point system in place 1-10 for good behavior; I use this, however if you just ask the specials teacher for a behavior report after each special, you can also do this.


If my students have a 10 or are given a good report, I ask one student to place one piece on my pirate themed Potato Head. When the potato head is full (I have one with 9 pieces), the students get to vote on a class reward. In the beginning of the year, we created a class list together. To download the Potato Head sign from my Teachers Pay Teachers, click here.


Download this FREE rewards list to hang in your classroom, head over to my Teachers Pay Teacher page to download.


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