What’s the Hype with HyperDocs??!

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Before you dive into the world of HyperDocs and Playlist, always start with your finding your instructional problem.

What are your answers to these questions? >>>

10 Principles of High Quality Blended Learning

If you are going to start with your first HyperDocs… it might as well be  The HyperDocs of HyperDocs

Now..let’s take a look at some examples of Playlists/HyperDocs for student or adult learners!


ESSL Choice Board Main Idea and Detail Addition 
Volume STEAM Project – Example of Improvements Template 

Adult/Professional Learning:

Blended Learning – Vanguard Muscles 

Comparing 2 different formats with the same content in both – Think how does my student learn best?

Weather and Climate –

Option 1 – Linear Model Option 2 – Slideshow 

Website Resources I love to use:

HyperDoc Templates for Getting Started

FTCSC created HyperDocs Website 

How to Video Resources:

Adding Audio to Google Slides 

Make a HyperDoc Step-by-Step Tutorial 

What is a HyperDoc? And How Do I Make One? 

Go Paperless with Hyperdocs 

My TeachersPayTeaching Resources for HyperDocs:

Blended Learning Mats & HyperDocs Template – Coming soon!

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