What’s the Hype with HyperDocs??!

What’s the Hype with HyperDocs??!

Before you dive into the world of HyperDocs and Playlist, always start with your finding your instructional problem. What are your answers to these questions?


10 Principles of High Quality Blended Learning

If you are going to start with your first HyperDocs… it might as well be  The HyperDocs of HyperDocs

Now..let’s take a look at some examples of Playlists/HyperDocs for student or adult learners!


ESSL Choice Board  Main Idea and Detail  Addition 
Volume  STEAM Project – Example of Improvements  Template 

Adult/Professional Learning:

Blended Learning – Vanguard  Muscles 

Comparing two different formats with the same content in both – Think how does my student learn best?

Weather and Climate –

Option 1 – Linear Model  Option 2 – Slideshow 

Reminders when making Playlists/HyperDocs

  • Always check rights and permissions when using someone else form/document – when in doubt… “Make a Copy” or change your Share settings. 
  • If you make a document on your personal Google account and then your students can’t access the document – share a copy with yourself
  • Sadly, Flash is going away by February. Try to stay away from it as much as possible. There are a lot of cool games out there! 

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