3-D Printing in the Classroom

3-D Printing in the Classroom

I had the amazing opportunity to visit a local Catholic school St. John Regional Catholic School (SJRCS) in Frederick, MD. A wonderful teacher, Lisa Cutchin showed us how to work her 3-D printer. She went through a program called, the Digital Harbor Foundation to obtain training and her 3-D printer. The Digital Harbor Foundation is dedicated to fostering learning, creativity, productivity, and community through education. In 2013 they transformed a closed-down rec center in Baltimore City into a vibrant Tech Center for youth. In 2014, they launched the Center of Excellence to train others how to create their own.

You can attend the 4 day training to obtain a PRINTRBOT 3D Printer in October or January. Check out the upcoming events here, I am hoping to raise enough money to attend the January class.

During my visit at SJRCS, I had the opportunity to print a working whistle! It was the coolest thing I have done and I was so excited that I created a quick 2 minute video about it, check it out on my YouTube Channel!


I look forward to doing some more research on 3-D Printers for the classroom and posting it here, stay tuned!

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