Barter and Trade Video

Barter and Trade Video

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Here is the video I made for one of my Master’s classes. I used multiple resources and videos from the web to edit and re-create a new resource.

The video is about the history of money and what Barter and Trade is. I use this video to open the Economics unit for my students.

Also attached is the lesson plan I used for the week lesson plan about Barter and Trade.

I hope you enjoy!

Captain Keyser

Barter and Trade

Barter & Trade lesson plan

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  1. Amanda

    Captain Keyser – In doing research of blogs for my technology course this was an excellent post to view. Thanks for sharing the video you made – you did an excellent job utilizing both videos from the web and integrating your lesson within the videos. How did your students react to this video? Did they seem to learn more from watching the video? Do you think that creating this aided in the learning experience for your students? Thanks for your time and consideration of my questions. Good luck with your future integration of technology!

    1. ckeyser22

      Thanks Amanda!! Happy Blogging! I’m glad you enjoyed the video!

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