Learning about coins

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My class is learning about coins right now! We have to know the 20110514-120911.jpgpenny, nickel and dime; however, I am teaching them the quarter too! All week I have been asking them questions about each coin and asking them to identify them. When they can answer the question, I give them a penny (at least all my students will get a penny). Then as the questions get harder and harder each day the students can earn a nickel, dime or a quarter. At the end of a few days I allow them to come up in groups and count how much money they have. Then they are able to go shopping in my little store. I simply made a sign with common classroom items and an amount. My students could always use some more supplies. I buy some myself and I also use the supplies that parents donate. I have pencils, glue sticks, crayons and more!!

20110514-120923.jpgThe students have to be able to tell me how much they have and how much the item is that they want to purchase. If they need change back, they have to tell me how much as well. This is a great way to show them that we are learning these things because we will use the skills in the “real world.” It is also great to have the students use the appreciate language with buying and selling. You can also have the conversation about goods and services.

This was a blast in my room and I know your kids will love it!!





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