Gamers UNITE!

Gamers UNITE!

7 ways to Gamify your Classroom!

Gamification is about transforming the classroom environment and regular activities into a game. It requires creativity, collaboration and play. There are numerous ways to bring games and game playing into the classroom to promote learning and deepen student understanding of subject matter.

What is Gamification in Education anyways??? Check out this video!

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Gamification Resources/Tools:

Class Dojo

Build wonderful classroom communities with parents and students. Can be adapted to Gamify your classroom – customizable! Teachers can give instant feedback on a pupils performance, which in turn earns them points when it is positive.

Teacher Resources


GimKit Help

Gimkit is a game show for the classroom that requires knowledge, collaboration, and strategy to win.


Get your kids to cheer each other on! Motivate your students by making learning fun and fall in love with teaching all over again. Get started – it’s free!

Free Classes for Educators

Legends of Learning

Super Resources for Super Teachers

Math and science games for grades 3-8 that increase engagement and test scores. Curriculum aligned. Backed by Research. Teacher Reviewed. Fun gamification for all!

Deck Toys

Drag-and-Drop Lesson Creation. Creating lessons on Deck.Toys is fun for you too! Build complete lessons within minutes with your existing teaching content.

Deck Toy Teacher Tutorial


Support for Teachers

Prodigy Math is a free, highly adaptive math program that integrates Common Core, MAFS, STAAR, England & Ontario math standards into a fantasy style game.

Badging for Schoology

Digital badges in education are confirmed pointers that indicate individual success, abilities and skills, and interest in different learning settings.

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