Discussion Dice

Discussion Dice

Here is a great way to add verbal discourse and critical thinking questions into your school day. Print off these ‘Discussion Dice’ papers on my TPT page and then slip them into a plastic sheet protector or one of those hard plastic magazine holders.

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Put one at each of the students tables and read each of the prompts to them before you begin. My classroom receives weekly magazines such as News Weekly, and Science and Math magazines from Scholastics. After we are done reading an article (in a small group or partner work), I pass out my big foam dice to each group and have them take turns rolling the dice to select a ‘Discussion Dice’ question. You can also use smaller dice as well. I choose questions that are on each of Bloom’s Taxonomy levels of questioning.


Walk around the room and hear the great verbal discourse happening between your students. You can also change up the questions for a more personalize book or article. I hope this helps your students become better at their critical thinking skills and conversations with eachother. You can even change the task and create a writing center for students to roll the dice three times and write their responses to each.

I have now created four different ‘Discussion Dice’ sets (2- Non-Fiction & 2- Fiction) Check them out in my TPT store! You can buy them separate or in a bundle for cheaper! Enjoy!

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