Turn your Students into ELVES!

Turn your Students into ELVES!

Simple project to do the day before Winter Break!

Cut some long strips of green paper (4 of each students). Cut out a pair of mittens for each student, a red hat, and come green shoes!

Use writing paper as the body; have the students write an original story about their elf. While they are working, call them up one by one to take a close up picture of each of their heads. I simply emailed them to my school email and opened them up in class. I sent them to the printer and I was ready to go. Pass out the heads as the students finish up their creative stories. Then allow them to out their elf together. We made a bulletin board outside our classroom for some of them and then the other were hung around the classroom. They were great! The kids had a blast and they worked really hard on their stories. I also encouraged for silly faces in the picture! Oh what FUN!


Elves Elves 2 Elves 3 img_6077

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