Word JENGA !

Word JENGA !

This is a great game to play with your entire class or in small groups. For those of you that do not know how to play JENGA, you stack the blocks in rows of three and create one tall tower. Then the students take turns pulling blocks out one by one to read and then place on top of the pile. They must complete all of that for their turn to be over. If they knock over the tower, they loss.

Phonics- Use it to go over different blend or digraph words, beginning, middle and ending sounds or newest sight words.
Writing- Write down each word you pick. At the end of the game, take all of your words and try to create a small story using all of them.
Spelling- Have them pair up with a partner across the room and whatever sight word they pick, the partner has to spell it and vice verse.
Word Study- Have the students create a sentence with the word picked in it.



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