March Madness with a Book Spin!

March Madness with a Book Spin!

Finding ways to increase student engagement and excitement about reading is a great way to help develop their literacy skills and imaginations! One way to keep kids interested in reading is to take them to the library or book store and let them pick out books that they find interesting. You can also help them find books that match their interests or reading level. Additionally, reading together as a family can be a great bonding experience and can help kids understand the importance of reading. Lastly, encourage them to talk about what they are reading and to share their thoughts and insights.

It’s time to start thinking about getting your March Madness Book Bracket started! I like to do a fiction vs. non-fiction book challenge with my second graders. The student engagement and participation for this exercise is through the roof!

I have updated the bulletin board set to have everything you need to get started. You have titles for the Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4, 2 championship games, the 2023 Best Book winner! I also included the past years brackets and also a few blank bracket options. I also created a black and white options for educators that don’t have access to a color printer. Get your updated 2023 March Madness Book bracket here. This year I’ve simple and easy voting cards to print and have the students move the books to the next level.

Here are the 16 books I have chosen to do with my students this year! You can also use any book that you have in your classroom or local library.

Student Engagement
2023 Book Madness Bracket

After your Book Madness bracket is complete and we head towards the summer months, you can keep the fun going by playing my Summer Reading BINGO with your students!

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