Book Barbecue  and Text Tasting

Book Barbecue and Text Tasting

Want to get your students excited about reading? Need a fun and creative way to get them to “try” different books. The kind of books that they would never pick up on their own, something out of their comfort zone or genre? Host a classroom Book BBQ!

In the beginning of the school year, I teach a lot of different concepts about reading. I have the students take a book inventory (to get to know their interests), teach about genres, have them learn how to select a “just right book” and write book recommendations. I decided to create an epic one day lesson/activity that would incorporate all of that in one. I designed two different versions so that you could choose between a “Text Tasting” or a “Book Barbecue.”

I spoke about the Book BBQ with my students and told them to have an open mind about trying something new. They then got an invitation on their desk to letting them know that when they arrived back from lunch the classroom would be transitioned into a restaurant. I gathered up grilling and cooking supplies from my house the day before.

I got together some plaid table clothes, found some picnic napkins from the dollar store, grilling utensils, grilling gloves, an apron, a chef hat, cans of beans, BBQ sauce and some fake plastic food (corn on the cob, peppers, onions, etc.). Then I created a welcome sign on a restaurant style sign to place outside of my classroom.



I printed the placemats for the tables and menus for each of the students.


When selecting books, you wanted to have at least a few from each genre in your library. I thought it was important to pull books from my classroom library so that they know they are available at anytime they need them.



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