Is Everyone Muted Yet?

Is Everyone Muted Yet?

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Who ever thought I would be video conferencing with 20+ 8 and 9 year olds??

BOY… have I learned a lot…. and fast!

This blog is full of teacher tips and tricks I have learned along the way. If this makes your video chatting journey any easier, my job here is done!

So first, I created a FREE anchor chart for Video Conferencing Class Norms to go over. You can grab that here. IT HAS BEEN A LIFESAVER!

Class Norms:

  • * Keep your eyes on the screen (showing focus)
  • * Sit at a table or desk where you have room to spread out your supplies and computer at the same time
  • * Be still in your seat or spot – we will take plenty of brain breaks!
  • * Listen to the speaker
  • * Think about what you hear
  • * Find a quiet place to focus
  • * Be quiet when others are speaking (mute yourself)
  • * Wait your turn to speak or play
  • * Raise your hand when you would like to speak
  • * Use the restroom before your video conference
  • * Use self control (Don’t be too silly)
  • * Respond when someone is talking to you
  • * Mute yourself so there isn’t background noise
  • * NO RECORDING or taking pictures of any kind
  • * Be respectful 

Getting to Know Google Meets (and more):

For you students and Staff – you can use these tips and tricks for training both students and parent and staff.

  • *Use these pictures to print out to show the students around Google Meets
    • -Pin 
    • -Mute (microphone)
    • -Hang up (phone)
    • -Snowman (options)
    • -Camera (off and on)
    • -Boxes (layout option – tiled)
    • -etc.
  • If you use Zoom, Schoology, Pear Deck or Canvas find those buttons here too!
  • *Invite another staff member to join the fun to pop in to say “hi!”
  • *If you don’t have 2 staff on to monitor students, try logging in with two devices or splitting your screen
  • *Be consistent – stick to the same dates and times and create your students a LIVE LINK schedule with your Google Meets links (using Google Drawings is best)

Video Conferencing Planning Sheet

Be Prepared! Be Prepared! Be Prepared!

Here is a planning sheet you could use for each of your meetings, I always pre-plan my meetings but I love tracking what is happening during.

I jot down if I hear or see something from a student so I can remind myself later if I can make a connection with them or build a relationship with them in the future. Building relationships are KEY!

I have created 4 different options for taking attendance, notes and planning.

Google Meet Tutorials

Click on the video below to learn how to add a Google Meets Video session to you Google Calendar

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